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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Second Stiletto Submit

Here's my second go for the Stiletto Flash contest held by Remember everyone the deadline is tomorrow noon, so get those submits in.

The Tattoo Artist (FF)
Copyright © 2006 by Crystal Barela.

This story contains sexually explicit scenes! If you are offended by FF sex stop reading now!

The tickle and burn of the pigment-filled needle scratched my lower back.

"Be still," the tattooist said. Her dark eyes reflected back at me in warning. She laid a steady hand on my spine and bent to her work.

Six months had been put into the applying ink to my skin. The design covered three quarters of my back. My only request had been stilettos.

The likeness of a Goth hellcat astride a Harley lounged across my shoulder blades. The stiletto heel of one thigh-high boot growing from the crack of my ass, the other propped on the handlebars. Her knees spread wide, lace covered pussy a shadow between her legs.

The tattoo artist’s cinnamon breath burned my skin as she leaned closer to add the finishing touches. The gentle buzz, pause, wipe. Buzz.

In the mirror, I could see the dark sheen of her hair piled on top of her head, and the glint of the silver bar in her eyebrow. The tattoos on her shoulders and biceps danced while she worked. A nipple ring was visible beneath her tank top.

My pussy twitched.

Buzz, pause, wipe. Buzz.

An hour crept by, my heart racing with every swipe of the needle. Six months of work. Me lying across the vinyl, nipples hard beneath my t-shirt and pussy dripping inside my panties. Pain and pleasure became one.

She squeezed my hip in warning. “Patience.”

But my hips were connected to my pussy and with every nick of ink my excited flesh pulsed. The casual touch of her talented fingers was driving me mad. I fought to be still.

A long sigh, like a woman satisfied after her pussy had been properly eaten, blew from between her lips. My thighs pressed tight as my imagination ignited. The wet sound of lotion between her palms was added fuel.


"How's it look?" I asked, twisting round.

Over my shoulder, her black painted fingernails were dark against my pale skin.

"I had a beautiful canvas." Her plump lips lowered and I watched, transfixed, as they connected with my sensitive flesh.

Our eyes caught.

"Go ahead," she said, standing.

I slid my hand beneath me.

With a quick drag of zipper my fingers were in, tangled in my curls.

My eyes closed and I pressed my cheek into the table, biting my lip.

The click of her heels walked past me.

“Open your eyes.”

She hid thigh-high stilettos beneath her long skirt. Her clean-shaven pussy was a riot of color. Flowered tattoos framed the gleaming skin. A ring pierced her labia.

Wetness soaked my palm.

Bracing one hand against the wall she lifted her leg so that the six inch heel was beside my cheek. I nuzzled against the patent leather.

“Lick it!”

The heel was hard beneath my tongue, nubs of the stitching nutty with wear.

My breath caught, thighs stiffened, clit on end.

Pussy scented the air.

Rode Hard on Second Printing

Guess girls like girls in chaps...and nothin' else! "Rode Hard, Put Away Wet" is now on it's second printing. Woo-hoo! You go cowgirls!

Friday, January 27, 2006

"Magdalin" to be Published!

Hey there all of my fans! Today I was told that my vampire story "Magdalin" has been accepted for publication for Alyson Publications! I would be doing a happy dance if I weren't in a library. This is my second acceptance from Alyson. They also were the company who published "Another Night at Daddy's."

It had been a while since an acceptance and I was starting to get worried. I guess that's the trail of writing. Always waiting, always wondering, always not sure. "Magdaliln" wasn't posted here, but I will be putting up for you guys to take a look at. Thanks for all of the support!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Finding Time

So, Last week, I started my new non-writing a job. It's unfortunate that I am not making any money with my writing...but with most, a job outside of thier passion is necessary, isn't it? The job is making it difficult to find writing time, but I am doing my best.

Biggest issue is we have one car and haveta play nice and share. So after dropping my significant other at thier money making job I head to the library. Lucky for me, Sedona has an awesome set-up. The library is huge, with tons of space and privacy. Also have wifi for the internet and with my handy laptop in tow I can write almost as if I were at home. I only get two hours and fifteen minutes to create...not a lot, but better than nothing.

How do you, my friends, find the time to write? What has worked for you?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sipping Margarita Revision

Hey there my loyal reader. This is my revision of "Sipping Margarita." I am submitting it for the Voluptuous Vixens Anthology (Entry guidelines to be found at the ERWA). Basically, the book is to feature short erotic stories about full-figured gorgeous women and I thought Margarita definitely fit the bill. This has grown about four hundred words since my last posting so let me know what you think. All feedback and advice is welcome.

This is an adult story. Anyone who thinks they will be offended by sex, lesbian sex, strap-ons, oral sex, or any kind of sex should stop reading now.

Sipping Margarita [1920 words] (FF, Toys, Oral)

Copyright © 2005 by Crystal Barela

The smooth worn wood of my guitar was soft beneath my palms. I caressed the strings in slow motion, dragging my calloused finger-tips down the gentle slope of the neck in one long stroke, before setting my fingers on a chord. I pulled a high pitched thrum from inside my wooden lover, as seductive as the sound of a woman coming.

I peered up from under my cowboy hat and winked at the woman in red. This was for her. I was imagining her body beneath my fingers as I strummed and picked, my pussy getting hotter as the hours passed. She’d been sitting in a nearby patch of shade from almost the moment I set up my gear─leaving every once in a while, but always returning to listen.

Getting noticed was this woman’s purpose. This was no pretty young thing, but a lady seasoned in turning heads. Full and round like a model in a Rubens painting. A palm tree had the pleasure of feeling the length of her back and the nudge of her thick ass against its smooth bark and I hoped by the end of the day I would enjoy the same. (Story continued in Dare to Share)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

LAMBDA Nomination!

Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Lesbian Cowboy Erotica has been nominated for a LAMBDA Literary award! My story Ridden, is a proudly a part of this anthology. Doin' the happy dance!

This totally rocks! Judging is to take place in June...wish us luck!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A Special Toy

A friend of mine suggested that the toy I mention in my story "Another Night at Daddy's" be designed and constructed. He says he could sell them, no problem. Well, with my talents in fashion and sewing maybe I should give it go. Below is the description of the device...anyone else think I should go into business?

“Nice softail, man,” Butch said when they got outside, running her hand along the handlebars. Bitch hopped right on, making motor noises and pretending to rev the engine. Ricky lifted her eyebrows, but said nothing, focusing on the ass bouncing on the leather seat.

“And totally customized,” Ricky bragged. She pulled out what looked like a strap-on from the saddle bag. It resembled your basic belted dildo but the strap was longer than most would need. She bent across the seat, between Bitch and the handlebars, and buckled it tightly around the frame of the bike. The large black rubber prick rose into the air. Strapping it onto the bike was preferable to a woman sometimes. Ricky could ride for miles with the vibrations of the bike ripping through her body, bringing on amazing orgasms. “I call it my pommel,” she shared, straightening and winking at Butch.