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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kiss of Steel

Well, I got this one in by the skin of my teeth. Kiss of Steel is for a writing anthology called Locked and Loaded. My kind of anthology. I love tough chicks, especially the one's with weapons. Not so sure this is my best effort though.

I get so frustrated at how little time I have to write. This is due tomorrow, which means I submitted it just in time..But I hated getting it in last minute. Sometimes I get two hours a day to write...But most of the time it is more like an hour. How am I ever going to finish the novel? GRRRR!

My schedule may be changing again soon. My significant other is getting a morning shift, which means I will have to change my shift...Only one car, you see. This means I have to find a new time to write, which will be more difficult in the evenings at home. I like being at the library. It forces me to spend what little quality time I have writing. At home I get distracted by things to do...Laundry, cleaning, etc. Sigh. I guess we wills see how it goes.

Copyright © 2006 by Crystal Barela

This story contains sexually explicit scenes! If you are offended by FF sex, stop reading now!

The familiar weight of steel was heavy in my palm under the hotel pillow, but I couldn’t move my blade. Jane’s body was on my bare back and the hard muzzle of her semi-automatic pressed to my temple. It wasn’t just the subtle nuances of her perfume that identified her. I knew the soft curves of her breasts intimately. Even my shoulder blades recognized their round perfection.

Jane shifted her hips, her mound sending heat straight to my pussy.

“This would be more fun if you took off your clothes too,” I said, wiggling my ass.

“I’ve been sent to kill you, Mc Clane,” Jane whispered huskily into my ear. It was the only tone of voice she knew how to use and the breathy timbre had been stirring my insides since the moment we first spoke.

“If you wanted me dead I would be.”

“You should be more careful,” she said, removing the gun barrel from my head. “You’re lucky it wa─”

My hand slipped free of the pillow. With a twist of my torso I threw Jane onto her back. Even with her vigorous struggles I straddled her waist and squeezed her narrow hips with my knees. I held my knife to her throat. She was still, barely breathing.

“Do they know where I am?” If the Order knew my location they would be sending more operatives. None with the history Jane and I had.

“Not yet.”

I relaxed against her.

“Did you think I would tell them?” she asked with a pout. (Continued in Dare to Share)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Palmprint Erotic CP Short Story Competition 2006

Want to try your hand at writing erotica? Come know there is a dirty girl or boy inside you. Give it a shot. Entry guidelines below.

Palmprint Erotic CP Short Story Competition 2006

PALMPRINT is pleased to announce its fourth annual short story competition to encourage and showcase tomorrow’s CP writers. The contest rules are:

1. Send a short story or fantasy which you’ve written and which features adult corporal punishment. The competition will be judged by Sarah Veitch. The winner and two runners up will be selected from all eligible entries based solely on merit. First prize is GBP 100, 2nd is GBP 50 and 3rd is GBP 25.

2. The story must be between 2000 and 4000 words, your own original work, previously unpublished and must not have appeared on the internet. Your work must not be offered to other publications (print or internet) until after the competition.

3. There is no restriction on entrant’s country of dwelling but entrants must be aged 18+

4. Submissions may be word processed or typed. Keep a copy as we can’t return any entries. Only one entry per person is allowed. The winning entries will appear in a future issue of Submission spankzine and may be edited. By entering the competition you agree to this.

5. At the top of the first sheet you must state ‘Palmprint Erotic CP Short Story Competition 2006’, the title of your story, its word count (to nearest 100 is fine) and your name and postal address. All pages should be numbered and stapled together in the top left hand corner.

6. Entries must be posted to Palmprint Publications, PO Box 392, Weston-Super-Mare, BS23 3ZS, England. Ensure that sufficient postage is applied - we will not pay for postage due. Email submissions will not be accepted and will be deleted unread.

7. If you want acknowledgement that your entry has been successfully received then enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope that we can simply post back to you. Alternatively, include an email address if you wish an email acknowledgement.

8. The closing date is 31st August 2006 and competition winners will be informed by 30th September 2006. So if you haven’t heard from us by then you are free to send your work elsewhere. The winners will be contacted to determine the author name to be printed in Submission, together with brief biographic information if desired. The winners will also be announced on Palmprint’s website at

9. There is no entry fee for the competition. All prize monies will be paid by Palmprint via Pounds Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank.

10. Stories or fantasies that contain incest, rape, racism, torture, characters under the age of 18 or any similar transgression will be disqualified.

11. For our sanity, no correspondence by letter, telephone or email will be entertained either during or after the competition.

12. At the discretion of Palmprint but with approval from the individual authors, a paperback anthology of adult punishment erotic short stories will be published in 2007 formed from the winning and commended entries from this and the three previous years’ competitions.

13. The anonymity of all entrants will be respected. Contact details supplied as part of competition entries will not be disclosed to any third party and will not be used by Palmprint for its own marketing purposes.

14. These competition rules may be distributed or published without the permission of Palmprint Publications.