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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beautiful Agony

Meg Ryan in every woman's favorite, When Harry Met Sally

I found this very erotic, very cool website called Beautiful It is a site dedicated to the most erotic aspect of sex, the orgasm. Now if you are looking for bare asses, bountiful breasts, or pussy shots you might be disappointed. But if you are turned on by what happens to us when we come, then this is the site for you.

You know, that face. That expression of pain and wonder as you are tossed over the edge into a few seconds of paradise. The little death, it has been called.
Normal people, like you and me (okay, so I'm not so normal), have posted videos on the site shot from the neck up. That's it, just the face. Every horny smile, satisfying grimace, lip biting, tongue wetting moment caught on tape. Just the human face and it's expressions, just the sound of your body as you come closer and closer to orgasm, just the moans that come unbidden, just the natural orgasm how ever the postee chooses to get off. Just...well,! Very real, and oh so sexy.
There is something that defines us when we allow ourselves to lose control.
On a personal note. It took me a long time to let go. I was well into my twenties before I had my first orgasm. Sad, I know. And I was a masturbating fiend my friends. I send a shout out to Jessica who bought me my first vibrator. A glow in the dark number that I broke from my masturbating gymnastics. Every day, every night, with dildo's, with vibrators, with fingers. A friend introduced me to erotica, and you all know what a huge influence that has had on me.
But as much fun as I had trying to get myself off, I just couldn't quite let go. Frustrating. Why, I wondered. What was it in me that wouldn't allow me that pleasure? I recently read that 43% of American women are either non-orgasmic or will be for a significant part of their lives. That's a hell of a high number. And 83% of women have faked it. And if you think you have never been with a women who has, just remember, When Harry Met Sally.

I had lovers, men and women. Some put a lot of effort into finding my pleasure, some didn't, but until I met my husband, I guess I never trusted anyone enough to let go. I've heard people say you shouldn't marry someone for sex, but it is definitely one of the reasons I love him. I come every time, multiple times in most cases, and he will not stop until I do. His generosity as a lover is part of why I love him.
I have to say, now that I have found my friend the big "O" I can't imagine life without it. I truly don't know what I look like when I come, but I imagine it isn't pretty. From the look on my husband's face, it sure is hot.

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RONJAZZ said...

I've enjoyed BEAUTIFUL AGONY for a while now. There is nothing like watching someone's face in the throes of orgasm!