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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Out of Fashion

My schooling and time in the fashion industry inspired this one. See, that 4 year degree is good for something! :-)

This was sent out for a British publication that pays pretty well, but I have a feeling is difficult to get into. The anthology has to do with fashion and/or shopping.

Hope you enjoy!

Copyright ©2006 by Crystal Barela

This story contains sexually explicit scenes! If you are offended by FF sex, stop reading now!

On the dance floor Danielle moved as if she had no bones, like a jellyfish. She was the music, all movement and loose limbs. I first saw her at a club in the Village, under flashing colored lights and an outdated disco ball. Ivory skin glowed with perspiration and I felt its heat as I moved with her.

We didn’t speak, we danced. The beat entered our blood and chased us across the drink splattered floor in unison. Her hands on my hips had been a welcome surprise. My pussy became liquid as the music took hold, swimming from song to song until last call.

Then she had left without saying a word.

Now she stood in front of me in nothing but a leotard, her long limbs seeming to stretch to her silver-grey eyes. Her arms were extended above her head, fingers twisted in a casual clasp. All her weight was on her right foot, hip jutting out in the exaggerated pose of a mannequin in a window at Saks.

I set my stick of charcoal down on my easel and rubbed my hands nervously on my jeans-covered thighs. I drew deliberate breaths, trying to slow my heartbeat. Our usual fashion illustration model had broken her leg and the semester would finish with Danielle standing in front of me for five hours a day, two days a week.

Danielle changed position, turning so that her ass faced me. She was looking over her shoulder in my direction. Our eyes met and she winked. So she did remember. (Continued in Comments)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Uptown Inpiration

Hey there, my perverted readers. I wrote this one quickly...its more of a stroke story. It was inspired by some traffic construction that was going on in uptown Sedona. Hope you like it!

Copyright ©2006 by Crystal Barela

This story contains sexually explicit scenes! If you are offended by FF sex, stop reading now!

The bright red stop sign in her hand did little to detract from her natural beauty. Neither did the yellow construction helmet or the shapeless orange mesh vest. Especially, when she turned and her backside faced my car. Round, firm cheeks and hips flexed as she put her weight on one foot and shouted something to the men she was working with. Heat spread from my center to my limbs.

With one hand she twirled the sign and brought her arm around to wave us by. Long blond hair hung in a ponytail down her back and glinted in the sun when she moved. A smile broke across her tan skin, her teeth white. Sunglasses hid her eyes and I wondered─

Horns honked behind me and I cursed, putting the car in gear.

It was Saturday in Uptown Sedona so traffic was heavy with tourists. With construction going on in front of the bar it was doubly busy. I turned the corner at the next street and pulled into the parking lot behind Cowgirl Up!

“Whatcha got on tap?” The construction worker had a rich voice. The orange vest was gone and replaced by a black quilted one that showed off her muscular biceps.

I answered by handing her our beer menu. We had over a hundred on tap; the wall behind me peppered with spigots a testimonial to our passion. “You like your beer dark or light?”

“Light,” she said. She took off her sunglasses and set them on the bar.

“Can I recommend the Oak Creek Amber?” I brought a glass up to the spigot and filled it with the golden brew. “I guarantee you’ll take a fancy to it.” I set the pint in front of her and leaned on the bar, so that my forearms stressed the fabric across my breasts.

Her eyes were gray, like steel, and flicked at my cleavage before meeting my own. She took a sip and slapped a ten on the bar, and took her beer over to where the rest of the construction crew sat.

The men were flirting with Chastity as she set their order on the table in front of them.


Arms spread; she punctuated the air with her finger and the traffic sign. Not that she needed any more emphasis; her voice was raised and was arguing with a tall man with florid skin. He too, was wearing a construction hat, but he was dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt.

My jeep was first at the light. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a line of cars behind me stretching out of Uptown and into Oak Creek Canyon. Someone behind me honked a horn. I inched forward and she turned and glared, holding the sign in my direction, clearly showing the “stop” side.

The man grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her so that she fell against his chest and the sign fell to the ground.

One of the other men on sight came up to them and the man let go of her.

“Fuck you!” And she was gone.

One of the construction workers knocked on my hood and I jumped.

He waved me forward and I inched by.



It was her again. I set two shot glasses on the counter and reached for the bottle of Jose’ Quervo. I poured and we tossed the shots back together. She set her glass on the counter with the shake of her head and motioned for another.

“You get a break?”

I motioned to Chastity that I was taking a cigarette break and came around the bar. The construction worker took me by the elbow, leading me out front. It was dark, the yellow construction vehicles dark towering shadows. She led me onto the site and I could feel my pussy heating.

She pushed me back against the rubber tire as tall as I was and pressed against me her lips at my forehead.

“Is this alright?” She asked kissing her way to my ear.

I nodded and her hand took hold of my skirt hem and lifted, palming my hot mound.
She was urgent. There was no finesse, just calloused fingers sliding into my flesh. I moaned and she pressed her knee between my legs, pushing her fingers deeper. She sucked my neck, my breasts, hunched. I clutched her shoulders.

Teeth, hard and white in the darkness, bit my nipples through my shirt and I cried out.

I rode her hand, her thumb a raging piston against my clit until I came, my body quaking.


I was afraid she wouldn’t be there the next day, but she was. I drove by at a crawl and her fingers slid along the hood of the car. She bent at the waist and looked at me over her sunglasses, winking.