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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dressing a Diva

My lastest finished story is called "Dressing a Diva" and is inspired by my time in NYC. I orignally wrote it for a fashion story contest, but it really didn't end up working for that topic. Hope you guys like it!

This story contains sexually explicit scenes! If you are offended by FF sex stop reading now!

Dressing a Diva (FF)
Copyright © 2006 by Crystal Barela

“She’s late.” Christina was not one to wait around for ego inflated divas. Even if she was Tatiana Marci.
“Please Ms. Reynolds,” the producer said, on his feet and clutching at my arm as I loaded my sewing box. “I am sure she will be here any moment. Ms. Marci is a very important…”
“Save it, Dillon,” Christina said. “I have designed and fit more than one hundred costumes for this production and every one of the other actors has managed to show up for fittings.” She shrugged the strap of her sewing box over her shoulder and pulled her tweed newsboy cap low over her eyes. “There are only two weeks until opening night and she has more than a dozen costume changes.”
“Yes, but…”
“No amount of talent is worth dealing with this bullshit.” Christina hadn’t slept in more than three days. The glasses perched on her nose couldn’t disguise her red rimmed eyes or the slump of her shoulders.
“Please her assistant said…”
“Tell her assistant that Ms. Marci better get down on her knees if she wants me to finish her costumes.” Christina walked out of the fitting room and down the dark hall backstage, pulling on her gloves as she went. She’d never even met Tatiana, and quite frankly, after the past eight weeks of pre-production, she had no desire to. (Continued in Comments)

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