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Friday, March 23, 2007

I have a fan!

...who isn't my mom or best friend. My first fan letter arrived today in my inbox. Felt kinda great to know someone is out there reading what I'm writing and liking my words. They had read my story "From the Sea" published in Call of the Dark.

This is definately one of my favorite stories, especially for the story-telling quality. If you want a re-read its in the archives.

Friday, March 09, 2007

"Sipping..." Update

Heard back from S. today. She swam with me when I was in the fishtank (I am sad to say it has been a while since I did the backstroke). One of her current projects is an anthology whose theme is party drinks. My story "Sipping Margarita" is very lucky to be involved in this venture. So the edit is back and I have to take a look and see what advice she has for me.

I really admire her writing. She is awesome at desciption and getting to the heart of her stories.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What is your Erotic Personality?

My friend Sage is working on a fun movie book. Click the link below to find out more!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Who has the time?

Okay, I am always saying I don't have time to write. It's true. An hour a day. That's nothing. Nothing.

But another activity I neglect is reading. Ten minutes on the toilet with "Real Simple" just isn't cutting it. I miss those days in New York, when I had a guaranteed hour and a half a day commuting on the train. For sure time with my books.

A book a month now. Shit. I think it hurts my writing. I write better when I read more. It's a fact.

Good writing also inspires me to write. When I read a chapter from one of my favorite authors, I think, "I want to do that. I want to send someone to another place. A real place, as real as thier living room." Diana Gabaldon has written six books in a series about the same two people, each over 800 pages long! I have yet to finish my first novel. Short stories. Good short stories, but that novel is coming along a page a month.

I am babbling, probably because I am tired. But one of my goals is to read a book every two weeks instead of once a month. Doesn't seem like much, but thats double the inspiration.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A people's sexual revolution in China

SHANGHAI: When Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue hit the newsstands last week in mainland China for the first time, with the sexy singer Beyoncé on the cover, the competition was fierce.
Readers here had already seen the February issue of For Him Magazine, which features a Chinese singer, A Duo, on its cover wearing a white V-neck leotard that reveals every other inch of her rather substantial figure.

Inside, A Duo poses like a dominatrix, clutching her breasts, wrapping her naked body in celluloid and bending, sweat-drenched, over a submissive man.

The racy For Him Magazine also offers tips on "how to do it in five minutes" (because a "sex break is the same as a coffee break") and features stories with titles like "The Dangerous Sex Journey of QiQi."

Read more of this articale by David Barboza

Quote of the Day

"Of all the delights of this world, man cares most for sexual intercourse. Yet he has left it out of his heaven." - Mark Twain

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Psychopathia Sexualis

"Writer-director Bret Wood brings to the screen titillating vignettes that portray the deviant sexual behaviors catalogued in Richard von Krafft-Ebing's infamous medical text that shocked Victorian sensibilities. Dramatizing cases such as those of a masochist seeking carnal fulfillment from being dominated and a lesbian tutor who seduces her female pupil, this provocative film is a study in steamy soft-core fetishism and sexual exploitation."

This movie was strange, but also very interesting. This doctor was attempting to categorizing sexual behavior. Everyone should be put in their neat little box.

Sex can’t be defined this way. Well, at least I don’t think it can.

For example, I love for my partner to be in charge, a little rough, but on occasion I want to whip him into shape. We all know my sexual history. Well we ALL want to know my sexual history…;-) What we can deduce by my published writing is that I think girls are hot. And looky here on my ring finger, a wedding band. Yes, my husband was voted an honorary lesbian in college by the National Lesbian Society at his university, but let me assure you he has all the appropriate parts and knows how to use them amazing well.

My point is, sex isn’t cut and dry. Some days fresh from the shower, the scent of soap and fresh deodorant tickling my nose hairs; and others a sweaty ball sack can get me going. It’s not gross! Try it, try it, you will see…;-)

Anyhow, back to this movie. Interesting and strange vignettes dealing with this doctor’s thoughts on sex. Definitely worth a watch. I found the lesbian sex scene to be, shall we say, arousing. Although I did find a big part of the ridiculous in it.