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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm Back!

Hello loyal readers...all two of ya! After a monsterous computer virus where I lost most of my writing for the past year...I am an asshole and didn't back anything up...I am back. And I am saving my work every week. Please remember to back up all of your writing! This is your soul on the line safe.

Next on the contest list is the hot competition from They are having thier short story contest and grand prize is $200. The story should be 500 words or less and have to do with a stiletto. Either the knife or the heel will work...or both if you are so talented. Deadline is Febuary 1st.

Below is my first try at a story. Let me know what you like, don't like, hate, love...Hey! Do you have an idea for an erotic story for this contest? Let's here it!

Remember! This story contains sexually explicit scenes! If you can't handle it, stop reading.

Copyright ©2005 by Crystal Barela

My nose was pressed to the window like a child’s at a pet store, eager to touch and hold. I had the same desire for the smooth gleam of patent leather and the pussy wetting stilettos.

I bit my lip with indecision.

Did I need another pair?

I turned to the shop door.


My eyes returned to the display with a rueful grin.

Food not shoes.

After adjusting my purse trap I took two steps uptown when bells tinkled behind me.

“Come in.” A woman who worked in the boutique waved me in with a flip of her cinnamon colored hair.

Stella, her nametag read. She went directly to the pair my eyes had lusted after.

Stiletto heel, five inches, in blood red patent leather with leg wrap.

I took a seat in one of the wingback chairs scattered about the shop.

Stella knelt at my feet.

The tissue paper crinkled.

My breath quickened.

A warm hand held my ankle lightly, while the other wriggled the shoe from my foot, baring my coral painted toes to Stella’s eyes.

She ran her fingers under my heel and arch, her thumb falling over the top of my foot.

“Beautiful color,” she said, warm breath tickling my desire.

The stiletto flashed as she slipped it onto my foot, the open toe framing my nails like a piece of art. Stella took the long laces and cris-crossed them around my ankle. Her fingers skimmed my calf as she wrapped the length around my leg again and again.

My breath caught with every pass.

Gold strands in Stella’s hair sparkled under the lights. She tied the laces off in a bow just below my knee.

Stella’s palm slid down the back of my calf.

Satin to flesh, flesh to satin.

“Amazing legs,” she said.

Our eyes met.

Her tongue wet her lower lip, leaving it glossy, like a clit ripe with desire.

My pussy twitched.
Without breaking our gaze, Stella slipped the shoe from my other foot.

“Wear stockings?”

I shook my head.

Stella pulled a nude stocking from her pocket.

My leg lengthened as she pushed the silk over my toes and heel, spreading the sheer fabric from calf to knee and knee to thigh, moving over my skin with dancing fingers.

Our eyes meet.

My legs spread.

Stella rolls my white skirt to my waist. Her strong hands massage my inner thighs.

Fingers meet panty and press into me.

Fabric lingers in my wetness.

My hungry kitty nudges her hand.

She pushes the silk aside and lifts the red stiletto.

The heel is hard and foreign against my sensitive pussy, but I’m dripping and open.

Stella is licking, slurping, tasting leather flavored juices as she fucks me with the heel.

My teeth sink into my lower lip and I twist my nipple, arching.

Heat tightens my limbs.

I am still.

“Buy one pair, get the second half off,” Stella whispers.