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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Love -- bittersweet, irrepressible -- loosens my limbs and I tremble." - Sappho (6th century B.C.) To Atthis

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Quote of the Day

"When she raises her eyelids, it's as if she were taking off all her clothes." - Colette (1873-1954) Claudine and Annie; 1903

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Love this tattoo. Backs or so sensual and inspiring, don't you think? Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sci-Fi Lesbian Erotica

There is a post at the erotica readers and writers association website for a sci-fi lesbian anthology. Guidlines at the link below:

I've been working on something for a week now that is loosely based on a "SG1" type of concept. I have a "portal" which is like a "gate" and my lead character has a flippant additude like Jack O'Niel, but I don't think it sounds just like the show or is like the show.

The out-line of my story is Saline is a cockey, "Top Gun" type of character who flys a mean fighter jet and is great with weapons, not to mention lucky. She was quite the womanizer until she met Dawn the senator of the Legion on their planet, Windfree. There enemy is the Vaulday, a group of aliens who raid planets and steel the females in order to use them on breeding farms to create more of their kind. Dawn is kidnapped from Windfree by the Vaulday and Saline disobeys a direct order to rescue her.

Windfree is an all female world and they can reproduce with each other. Being an all female world makes them a ripe target for the Vaulday too. This is set in the future, but not to far in the future. It is familiar in a furtuistic way.

So now you know the bones. I have a twenty page very rough draft started that isn't finished.

I asked Shawn to read it and he says it sounds just like "SG1". Do you? Be honest. Should I keep going with this story? What do you think I should do with it plotwise to keep less "SG1" like? Do you have any suggestions as to style and flow? Terminology in a mythical future-like place is not easy for me. Is it confusing for you? What do you suggest I could do to improve it?

Remember this is a very rough draft. Thanks for your help.

Portal- working title

The body on my back was slowing me down. It didn’t matter that Dawn was only skin and bones, just over a hundred pounds, or that I could bench press my own weight. I had been running four miles straight out and knew if I didn’t reach the portal soon we would be killed.
“We’re almost to the Portal!”
There was a soft hum in my ear as the communikay activated, followed by, “Roger that, Saline Say. We’re tracking coordinates and charging door.”
The team couldn’t show the portal’s location more than a minute before I got there, otherwise the Vaulday would be able to locate us.
Sudden light flashed in front us, shimmering into the night sky like a growing star. I doubled my efforts, only one hundred feet.
“We’re detecting Vaulday!”
Fuck, that was fast!
I cursed again hearing the air vibrate as the enemy’s fighter ships apparated above us and began firing, rocks and earth flying off the ground at my feet. Dust clouded the air around us and the portal wavered just feet from our location. I held my breath and dove into the white light.
Electricity surged through my head and spread to my limbs, causing my body to shake uncontrollably and Dawn to fall from my shoulders. I groped blindly for her, but fell through the exit before I could make contact.
The impact of my shoulder on the padded landing on the other side seared through my torso, the pop of dislocation echoing with my cry of pain. I stopped rolling at the bottom of the ramp, and turned over on my hands and knees in time to see Dawn fall through the blinding light as limp as a rag doll. I jumped forward, taking as much of her weight as I could.
The portal zapped shut and we were surrounded by the medical team within seconds. Dawn was caught in the transportation beam and floating toward the docking bay doors before I could stand.
“Be still Say.”
Now on my feet, I looked down at Anna Med with what I hoped was an appropriately important look. “We can’t walk and talk, Med?”
Without waiting for an answer I followed the junior Meds moving Dawn down the corridor. I caught up with them and almost wished I hadn’t. Dawn looked worse under the fluorescent lights than she had under the soft glow of the moon.
“How is she?” The junior meds shook their heads bleakly and hurried on toward the med lab. I stood still, leaning against the concrete wall, not sure I wanted to continue. What if Dawn didn’t make it?
“Thank you,” Anna Med said, letting the xona-goggles fall from her forehead to cover her eyes. “You’ve dislocated your shoulder again, Say,” she said with a sigh and an unbelieving shake of her head, speaking into her notetaker. “How many times is this? Four?”
“Five.” I winced as she pressed her fingers into my side and frowned.
“Not to mention bruised ribs and other assorted cuts and abrasions.” Anna Med took hold of my elbow and led me down the hall.
“I’m fine.” I waved her off, but like a determined fly she kept at me.
“You’re dehydrated and your lungs look like you’ve been smoking again.”
“Oh for the love of…will you just leave me alone.”
The med lab was near empty, a far sight better than it had been when I had left two weeks before. All the beds and the floors had been covered with the wounded, the lab pushed to its limits.
That had been the day the Vaulday had taken Dawn.
Now, she was hooked up to the heart monitor and the organ beat in a strong reassuring pulse throughout the lab.
“She’ll be fine, Saline,” Anna Med said approaching the floating woman. “It’s mostly dehydration and hunger.” She moved the goggles to the top of her head, pulling her blonde hair behind her ears as she did so. “She’ll be needing Psychics more than us.”
I nodded, swallowing hard. The Vaulday were especially brilliant at warping the mind to steal information and by doing so, destroying the soul. Not that it would matter in most circumstances of capture. Once the torture was over, the captives were placed into breeding farms and used to multiply the Vaulday’s population. A practice that had been keeping their race alive since before we made contact with them.
Dawn had been in their hands for two weeks.
“On the table,” Anna Med said.
I took a seat.
“Sorry there’s no way but the old fashioned one to fix this,” she pulled my arm up an out. “Ready?”
My breath held, and I gritted my teeth as she put her weight into the push, jamming my arm back into the socket.
“You okay, Say?”
I felt faint, but the incredible pain was gone. I nodded and she handed me a bottle of water.
“Plenty of fluids and no more kamikaze missions, Say.”
“Roger that.” My ear hummed. “Briefing in 0100 hours.”

“I only have an hour Robo1,” I said as I stepped from the shower.
“I have already programmed myself for the appropriate time line.”
Dawn had given me Robo1 when we had our path joining. Robo1 was meant to be a companion for when she was traveling on business. As a senator of the Legion she sometimes spent weeks at a time portalling the solar system, meeting with different dignitaries to fight our common enemy, the Vaulday.
This had suited me fine. Before, Dawn, I had been a loner. I certainly liked my women, but only on a no-strings, sex only basis. A warrior certainly has no right to a permanent relationship and a family is out of the question. The average age of passing was thirty-two for a woman in my line of work.
“Please lie down, Say.”
The robot nudged me toward the bed with its warm fingers. This beautiful piece of machinery held an opalescent shimmer and was the same height, shape and weight as my wife. Dawn’s intonations were in its voice and it smelled of the moonflower. Just like Dawn. My eyes welled and I forced the tears back. She was going to be fine.
I cleared my throat. “Music.” The soft melodic strains of strings and pipes glided through the room.
I lie down on the mattress and felt Robo1 lean over me. She ran her smooth hands over my back and shoulders, the heat animating from her fingertips melted my angry sore muscles. Cylindrical pressure slid down my spinal column and cupped my waist, traveling up my rib cage.
Dawn had taught me that family was the only reason for being a warrior

“You never cease to amaze me Say,” Berta said, patting my back with a skinny hand. “Say was surrounded, enemy fighters surrounding her ship, blasting from nearly every angle…”
I felt myself blushing. I almost hated it when she went on like this.
“…we’re sure this is the end. Many better pilots have perished under these conditions,” she paused for dramatic affect and winked in my direction.
“…gee, thanks…”
“The Say activates the hyper drive from the air and hits the auto-eject button,” our audience of beautiful young ladies leans in closer. “Her plane rockets forward taking out two enemy fighters. And while she is flying through the air, gun-fire erupting all around her…”
A very attractive red-head leans in close enough for me to feel her silk covered nipples on my bare forearm.
“…she pulls her M-6 fire balls from her belt and tosses them, hitting two other enemy fighters before she makes contact with the ground.”
On my other arm is a blonde, and I am taken aback when I look down into her limpid blue eyes. Is she of legal age?
“I’m not so sure if this was brilliant or an act of complete idiocy.”
“One of the enemy fighters incinerates on the spot, nothing but ash falling to the ground. But the other wasn’t hit dead on and it came crashing to the earth with the Say, nearly taking her out with it.”
“Were you scared?” the blonde asked breathlessly.
“There was no time to be scared,” I answered. I’m a cocky bitch.
“Just time to destroy a multi-million dollar fighter jet,” said a petite brunette coming down the staircase behind Tina. “Not the first, I might add.”
Senator Dawn.
The senator had been on my radar for close to two years now. I had made her my business when I began receiving complaints from the Legion for my “high flying vigilante tactics.”
Before tonight, she had been an image in a picture and she did not photograph well. In fact, I nearly didn’t recognize her. This was the first time I had seen her out of the very official, very ugly l looking structured suits she insisted on wearing. Someone must have chosen her clothes for her this evening, because tonight she glowed under the lights. The sheer sparkling layers of her dress hinted at a surprisingly hot body underneath. Ethereal was the word that came to mind. She rivaled a fairy from the planet Aireen. Impressive.
“I apologize, Senator.” I approached her as she came down the marble staircase. Dawn offered me her hand in greeting. I bent slightly at the waist, greeted her knuckles with my lips. Moonflower. “For destroying a few jets while saving Windfree.”
“For that I am grateful, although I do wish you would think of a way to take care of the Vaulday that didn’t involve brute force.”
The woman was impossible.
“I love a little brute force,” said the red-head, reattaching herself to my arm.
The senator’s eyes flashed.
“Me too!” the blonde said, sure not to be left out.
I offered each an elbow before turning on the group. We walked past the senator, up the stairs and out of the ballroom toward my quarters.
The three of us barely made it to my room before the girls were unbuttoning my pants and sliding their hands under my dress uniform. This was one of the perks of being the best fighter pilot in the Legion; an endless supply of beautiful women.
We kissed our way into my quarters, clothes falling to the floor, furniture toppling over. They pushed me onto the bed. The blonde took hold of my pants and drawers and whipped them down my legs, spread my knees and began licking my pussy as if she were starved. The red-head had unbuttoned my shirt and was sucking my nipples while she frigged herself. I didn’t even know their names.

“Time to dress, Say,” Robo1 said, drawing me from my memory. “The Generesss expects you in half an hour.”
I sat up and quickly put on my daily uniform. There was enough time to stop back in med lab before heading to the briefing room. I hurried down the corridors, passers-by saluting as I passed.
In my absence Dawn had been bathed and medicated. She laid still and serine against the white sheets. Some of the color had returned to Dawn’s cheeks, which meant she was taking the sustenance shots well.
Her hand was light in my own.
Do you promise to protect and love, shelter and forgive this woman, until your paths end?
I leaned over her body and pushed a strand of dark hair behind her ear.
“I love you.” My lips touched hers in a soft kiss.
Our lips met and I knew that I would never live a day in my life without Dawn, she was my end of the road.

My arms began to shake as I lifted the bar over my chest, letting my breath carry it just a bit higher before lowering the weight back toward my breasts. I pushed forward with my last rep, my arms shaking with fatigue and pings of pain shooting to my shoulders.
“You should really have someone spotting you,” Dawn said walking into the gym and jogging over to grab the bar from my hands, nearly dropping it on me.
“Two!” the bars weight lightened instantly.
“You trying to kill me?” I sat up on the bench and took the bar from her hands before she hurt herself.
“Sorry,” she said. “You looked like you weren’t going to make it.”
“Know how many times I’ve been told that?”
Dawn laughed. “Point taken,” she jumped up onto the step climber. “Four percent incline, six miles per hour.” The machine began moving, Dawn finding her rhythm quickly. I couldn’t help but notice she was wearing a deliciously small work-out ensemble.
I brought my water bottle to my lips and took a long swig, my eyes focused on her breasts, larger than I would have expected. She managed to hide them under those deplorable suits.
“Look your fill?” she snapped, her pace quickening, adding bounce to her babies.
“Not sure that’s possible,” I winked and stood.
“You are such an ass Say!”
“Why thank you for noticing,” I said glancing over my shoulder at my muscled posterior.
“Impossible woman!”
The senator wouldn’t meet my eyes, just stared down at the front of the machine.
I stepped close, leaning into her ear. “Not if you ask nicely.” Moonflower and sweat. She turned her head and met eyes, our breath mingling.
“Wanna fuck, Say?”
“Now?” I was so surprised that it was the only answer that popped into my head. Dawn laughed, a chuckle that danced along my spine, between my legs and tickled my toes.
“I’m not busy, are you?”

The briefing room was empty aside from the Generess. She was a short muscular woman, looking unfortunately, a bit like a bull dog. That aside, her attributes were many. A mentally stellar woman, much brighter than I could ever hope to be and a tactical genius to boot. She made an awesome death by chocolate. Loyalty inspiring like none that I had ever worked under. My respect and friendship was very real for Dorthy Generess.
I stood at attention across from the meeting table.
“At ease, Say. Take a seat.”
I sat down facing the Generess and she tossed a folder in front of me, and opened the one in front of her.
“I am glad to hear that the senator has returned home safely.” She rifled through the papers.
“Thank you, Generess.”
“It is unfortunate that you had to violate Legion code and disobey a direct order in order to retrieve her.”
“Permission to speak freely, Generess?”
“Permission granted, Say.” The Generess sighed and leaned back in her chair, lacing her hands over her stomach.
“I knew I would never be granted permission to go to Vauld to retrieve the senator,” I shifted in my seat. “She is my wife, and I could not let her stay in their stronghold and possibly be turned into a breeder.”
“And that is why the Legion is willing to overlook this code violation.” She tapped her file of papers on the desk and closed the file.
“That, and the fact that you and your team have managed to save our world from destruction on several occasions.” Generess Dorthy smiled a tight little smile, a dimple softening her face.
“But what about the other captives?” I leaned across the table. “Once our people are taken we assumed that once they were set up in a breeding facility they could not be removed without being killed. With Intel that the Senator was able to gain during her capture we now know this is not true. Some of our people have been breeders on Vauld for years! They are also able to live with proper medical rehab.”
“All Intel up until this point has confirmed that assumption.”
“Intel was wrong. There are more than three hundered of our people being held by the Vaulday.” I could still see there tortured faces, each hooked up to a breeding machine as their eyes pleaded with me for release or mercy. Unable to help them, I threw Dawn over my back and made my way out of the lock-up. I met the Generess’s eyes. “We must launch a full scale rescue mission as soon as possible.”
“Say, after the attack two weeks ago, I am afraid we do not have the man power to launch such a rebuttal.”
“All I need is my team, Alpha 4 and Alpha 11,” I hurried on. “Those are our strongest units, Generess. I am positive I will be able to rescue…”
“What condition are these people in, Say? Are they in the same condition as the Senator?”
“You are not thinking Say! You can not carry all of these people out on your shoulders.”
“The newest arrivals will not be in the same…”
“The answer is no.”
I stood slamming my hands down on the table.
“Do not overstep my leniency, Say.”
I reigned myself in, trying to calm my breathing.
“I will meet with the Worlds’ Council tomorrow morning to discuss the most appropriate action to retrieve our people.”
I nodded.
“Good day, Say.” The Generous stood and walked out of the room.

(Sex scene, first time they had sex, not written yet.)Dawn’s lips latched onto mine as if my breath would sustain her life. We had barely made it out of the gym and into the locker room. I had always thought Dawn would be one for perfumed sheets and rose petals, but this tiny vixen wanted it hard and I was gonna give to her.
We kissed are way through the locker room, finding ourselves in the

The door to our quarters slid open and I gasped. No, shrieked and skipped my way into Dawn’s arms.
“What are you doing out of the med lab?” I said into her hair, breathing in soap and the pure wonderful scent of my wife. She leaned into my body, letting me hold her weight against me. Tears turned into giggles as I lifted her in my arms and carried her over to the sofa.
“Anna Med said I was weak but could just as easily rest at home,” she sniffed. I handed her a tissue from the box on the end table.
Warm and real, she fit under the nook of my shoulder. Breathing beside me.
“You will have to give me my sustenance shots though.”
“Of course, senator,” I teased. “Where would you like me to stick you?”
Dawn laughed again, which led to a fit of coughing. I rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head.
“I am so glad you’re alright,” I whispered, feeling tears choke my throat. “When I first saw you…I thought…I th…”
“I’ll be okay, Saline,” my wife said. And with those words, all of the uncertainty, worry, and fear I had been holding in for two weeks, tumbled out between us in great heaving sobs. Together we cried for our people, our world and each other.
When we could cry no more, we were still, Dawn asleep in my arms and me feeling like a new woman. I peered down at my wife, her face soft and relaxed, like a child. My lips grazed her brow and I carefully moved from under her and slipped my arms beneath her legs and shoulders. She was so tiny and delicate, made even more so by her time with the Vaulday.
Within moments the healing blanket was covering Dawn and her shots given. Her soft little snores filled the room and I made my way over to the information station. I wanted to prepare for the mission that was sure to come; the one that probably would mean the beginning or the end of all that was.

(another sex scene, wedding night) “Our paths are one, my love,” Dawn said. She threw her leg over my waist, layers of sky blue fabric billowing around us on the sea breeze, blending with canopy of blue above us, as if she were an angel. She leaned over me, taking my hands in hers, and brought her breasts flush with mine, separated by two thin layers of fabric. My new wife in her bridal gown and me in my bridal suit.
Elbows and exposed knees pointing toward are ceiling.

“Council, as a senator of the Legion of the world of Windfree I would like to thank you for coming to our world for a council meeting on such short notice.”
Dawn was wearing one of her atrocious suits, and it hung on her even more unflattering with her recent weight loss. How could a woman so beautiful look so bad? I shook my head. She looked enough though. Certainly a bit pale, but her resolve to discuss her capture was in the stiffness of her spine and the sparks in her eyes.
My wife stood proud before the ten members of the council representing the ten universes of the System. One council member to represent hundreds of worlds, a pretty heavy responsibility. Also, all military personnel on base not off world.
“When I was taken during the raid of our Portal facility two weeks past, I was not prepared for the danger,” she said, her eyes touching each of the council members. “Hearing tales of the Vaulday is very different than coming face to face with them in person. They had become almost a fairytale to me, a story told to children at night in order to keep them behaving well in the light of day.”

“The Vaulday have been detected over the planet,” Saline said strapping her phaser gun harness over her muscular shoulders. It couldn’t be.
“What! They’ve never gotten his close without detection,” I objected, unwilling to believe that our enemy was so stealthy they could enter our solar system undetected. The comminkay buzzed in my ear. “Senator, be in council room in five minutes.”
Saline, geared up for a mission, was an awesome sight to behold. The black tank top, although modest, outlined every hour she spent at the gym. The serviceable black cargo pants, when strapped with her leather amo belt strung with M6 grenades, hung low on her hips, flashing skin at her waist. Saline lifted hear arms and adjusted the phaser on her back, biceps flexing, the tattoo of a black bird dancing on her tanned arm.
My partner bent over the information console, her cargos stretching taught across her ass, and I felt the familiar twitch in my pussy. Animal magnetism, that’s what it was. A primal need to mate.
My wedding band began to warm as she activated its monitoring system.
“Do you think this is necessary?”
Just then, code red lights began flashing in the room and the sirens began to sound. Not in all of my twenty-eight moons had we known a code red. Not since my mother’s time. Our detection systems had become too advanced.
I could hear people running in the halls, preparing for battle.
Saline’s eyes were very serious, and she was looking at me as if she wanted to memorize my features.
“As you know, this ring is a homing device,” she said pulling me into her tight embrace. “If by some horrible twist of fate you are captured I will find you, my love.”
The comminkay buzzed in Salines’s ears and she pulled back. I could literally see her face change from that of my loving wife, to hard kick-ass warrior.
“I love you, Dawn.” And with that, she rushed out of our rooms.
The base was frought with fear, families were crowding the halls, young girls clinging to their mother’s hands in the crush of the panic. Our people were on their way to the portal docking facilities. Whenever a code red was issued it was mandatory that all the people of Windfree, not a part of the military or the Legion, to evacuate to one of the safe planets of the World Council.

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"Nothing risque, nothing gained." -Alexander Woollcott (1887-1943)